two birds meet at an intersection.
they are on the opposite sides of the political spectrum.
bird a has a revelation and shares it with bird b.

bird a: I think we are more alike than we are different.

bird b: ummm. and so?

bird a: i think it’s important to remember that. that Knowing can heal us. for instance, I sometimes feel really bad about myself, do you?

bird b: though it's hard to admit, yes.

bird a: there's one! how about this: I want what is best for my family and what is best for the future. I bet you do too.

bird b: that's an easy one. of course I do. we just want it differently.

bird a: let’s stay with what we share in common, for now. how about this: I often want things to be different than they are. like we are divided and I don’t like that. do you like how divided we are?

bird b: i'm not sure about this one. i feel like this is a trick question.

bird a: no tricks here. let me ask it differently. would you rather us be MORE divided?

bird b: no, that I don’t want.

bird a: me too! we both want to be more united than we are now. that’s brilliant. shall we break bread on this brilliance?

bird b: sure, let’s. to our brilliance, our shared humanity!

bird a: to us!

🐦☯️ 🦅

(bird c, an anxious bird, kind of self-centered, kind of psychoticy, always looking to collect on her injustices, now focusing on conspiracy theory of pizzagate and a covid hoax, wants to join in with bird a and b to celebrate their humanity. Do you think they should welcome bird c to their meal?)

(photo by Somin Khanna)



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