Layers of Wellness

  1. I need to be well for me. (We need to be well for ourselves.)The me negotiating joys and sorrows, the past and present, strengths and vulnerabilities. That’s already so much work to be well. To keep showing up. Finding grace, over and again.

I know who I am. I am for principles of democracy, for peace, science, justice, hope, honesty, sacrificing for my sisters and brothers, and for the planet, for a sustainable future. What gets hard is thinking it’s my responsibility to change you for what feels like basic values!

Question: Are you living your truth or are you swept away by fear mongering? By cognitive dissonance? By only one channel: Fox News?

Can you look at your children and grandchildren in the eyes and say: “Do as I do, child, in kindness, and love, truth and reason.”

I am. I can. #lovetrumpshate

I negotiate the pain of engaging with my family and friends who espouse different values. I set boundaries, turn off the TV and social media, and have a heart to heart about where I stand in my values.

Where we are in light together, we celebrate! Where we don’t... I set a boundary. In kindness. Sometimes, the kindest action is to block, my new boundary.

This political tension, combined with the pandemic, is an added stressor for all of us, even down to: should I wear a mask? (Yes, this writer trusts science over rhetoric, I say the answer is yes).

We are dealing in a world of truth vs alternative reality. With stations like Fox set up to promote conservative ideology over truth, with social media infiltrated by bots and bad actors, America is losing her grip on truth.

Every breath we take must be to restore and recharge ourselves toward living in truth.

We want to be able to look at our children and grandchildren in the eyes and be proud of how we are showing up today. The kind and just way, the right way.

We want to challenge our rigidity and show up to Self more gently, show up to our families more gently. Show up to the world, more gently. And always, ferocious in our truth. #silenceiscomplicit

Let us hope the next leader of the USA remembers united we stand. Remembers justice for all. Remembers science, and that the Earth is living and needs to be treated as such- gently and lovingly.

And please, let’s get out the vote in such big numbers that no bad actor can have an illicit win again.

(In the mean time, to manage my own stress and help you with yours, I created a Wellness Course: five 75 minute Zoom classes for $90, Wednesdays at 8:00 am. Topics include managing stress, finding presence, dealing with difficult emotions, setting healthy boundaries and challenging patterns in body and mind toward increasing pleasure. Have I inspired your interest? If so, check out this link:



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