Only if you want to bring your nervous system to a quieter, more balanced place. Start with the breath.

Might you make your breath just a bit longer and a bit deeper. Hold your breath for a count of 3 at the top of your inhale.

Now exhale, letting the stress evaporate off your body. Add a soft color to the breath, nourishing every cell in your body with this healing light. Just This.

Now your body.

Might you invite your body to find greater ease, as you remind yourself, right here and now, just this moment, ease. Might you bring the breath to any pain you are holding in your body, or to your broken heart that needs your gentle attention? The thousand hurts you’ve weathered, grief may be heavy. Bring your hand to that place on your body that calls, and soften your face, your belly and breathe. You’re here. You’ve made it. Just This.


Might you visualize a circle around your body. It’s your sacred space. It’s your yes or no space; only you get to decide what’s right for you. Sit in this sacred space and ask the universe to help you Know your answer. You’re in your power, no one else’s. Just This.

Your Senses.

Might you conjure up an aroma that soothes your spirit? Smell it now. Let the aroma be your meditation. Let it invite your spirit to soar. Just This. (caution-wet dog aroma not for the faint of heart 😆)

Might you conjure up your favorite piece or genre of music. Maybe it’s bird song. Don’t over think. Play it or imagine it. Let the sound invite you home to this moment in all that is. Nothing else. Let it fill you up. Just This.


Might you lift your arms up to the sky. Gaze up. Breathe deeply again. Feel the strength of your spine holding you. Thank you spine. This gentle movement filling you with enough energy to just do the next right thing, dear one. Just This.


All the pains of the world exist AND you can find your quiet strength and choose how to show up today, in all your light and in all your blessings. Your pain of the pain is there but it’s nourished by so much gentle love and light that the song in your heart reverbates far and wide. I’m reverbating with you. Can you feel it? I’m here.

Just This.



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