Choreograph Your Wellness

We want to choose the next right dance move in order to be well, to be our best. To find joy. To ride the waves of life 🌊, the pains & the pleasures.

I wrote this guide as a way of coping with the pains of pandemic and the pains of divisive politics. #choreographyourwellness

I wrote this guide out of loneliness. Out of family tension. Out of finding ways to be comfortable with uncertainty, finding answers, then offering them up.

The guide is 5 units but I start with words of social justice, because people’s wellness is compromised if they’re fearful of potential harmful response, based on color of skin, or gender identity.

The first unit covers basic wellness in order to better manage stress. I discuss sleep, nourishment, moving the body, connection & organization.

The second unit is on presence, how to bring grace from the past, balance in the present, and increased calm about the future.

The third unit covers difficult emotions, & getting to know the cycle of thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviors, toward making wiser choices.

Unit four is boundaries- that place where you learn when to say yes to and when to say no. You’ll find communication skills too!

The final unit explores challenging problematic patterns toward finding joy. There’s lots of links to helpful sites, there are homework prompts and invitations for self evaluation. The focus is on wellness through body and mind. The focus is hopeful and provides teachings and skills to build agency. And it’s only $5.99 for 80 pages. You’ll surely find something. Something to support you as you choreograph your wellness journey.

Welcome to the dance floor of your life!



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